Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rush hour2

i see it as a divine revelation.

my dear friends know that i have a lifelong desire to bulldoze all road turkeys down, and finally walk without being blocked by people all the time. i seem always to be in a heartstopping hurry, there is always someone in my way.

yesterday i was hurrying through a jam-packed shopping centre as usual, worrying that i was going to be late, when all of a sudden, it dawned upon me that singapore is really, really small.

even if a person drives at 120km/h through the country, he would only be a few minutes faster than a law abiding slowcoach. i may dart between couples, dash through escalators, skip around crowds, but how much time will i really gain? maybe then i would be approximately 5 minutes less late. what a terrible waste of energy!

so, i have decided to stop all these silly efforts in going faster. i think i am a born again road turkey.