Monday, May 30, 2011

V's entry: The BRATSssss

I have never seen such a group of spoilt, wilful pets.

PipSqueak has such refined tastes that she refuses to eat regular hamster food, and will only deign to nibble on organic pine nuts and flaxseeds.

Friendly insists on her morning and evening runs every day. We now have to talk in a whisper whenever she is around because if she hears us, she will bite on the cage bars until we let her come out.

Blackie!!! Blackie throws a terrible tantrum whenever we don't let him out quickly enough first thing in the morning. If you delay his playtime even by a little, you risk having him throw about his litter box (with all its content).

Ninja is the only one who doesn't misbehave too much. So far, her naughtiest act is to poop heavily into the shared foodbowl (every day and night) so that Friendly can't eat the food there.

And masterofboots just waltzed into the petshop nearby and asked them why they aren't stocking organic hamster food. They must think some seriously pet crazy people live around here.

And you know what? They are right.

Friday, May 27, 2011

TwoSqueaks Eating BeanSprouts

The Squeaks love beansprouts. In this hot weather, I think it is a good way to cool them down. Ninja loves the veg so much that she always tries to snatch it away from Friendly. haha, the greedy little girl. She is always so docile, but when it comes to food, even her best friend has to be wary of her.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Down with football thugs

I am disgusted to read about the free for all fight on the pitch between Hougang United and Toilet Etoile. Isn't such violence considered rioting, which means that the guilty parties should all be arrested? Then someone told me that apparently if it happens on the football pitch, then it is only dealt with as a disciplinary case. It isn't taken as a criminal offense. Well, it jolly should be! How can full grown men get away with open assault (involving chairs!)just because they happen to kick a ball well? Actually, considering their dismal performance, they don't even kick too well. It is bad enough when world famous footballers get into trouble, it's worse when even mediocre ones feel free to behave like gangsters. As a total non-fan, I can only gape at the senselessness of having overpaid, overgrown and underperforming brats running around.

Shame on all parties involved!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Contemplating the Menage

Now it is just a thought...

though I have gone to measure the space in the yard...

to see if it could hold one more cage...

Blackie is lonely. Rabbits are social animals and Blackie doesn't get to interact with other rabbits. V hardly plays with him, so I'm the only living thing who spends time with him. And then there are 3 Squeaks who clamour for my attention.

Hm...rabbit is lonely.

Now it is just a thought...

though I have started checking out the petshops...

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Special On Ninja

One should never display favouritism...but I have to admit that Ninja is really the cutest Squeak of them all :P She always has a confused 'what is happening' look about her. 

This is the first shot I took of Ninja using the new camera. Hehehe...I just grabbed her in one hand and clicked away with the other. Ninja is so docile that she hardly protested. She is just baffled, as usual. "Am I flying? Is it treat time again?"

Looking at V inquiringly. "Are you going to give me another pine nut?" I'm happy to say that our Squeaks trust us perfectly and have no fear in our hands. It must be due to our loving care :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rabbit likes digging

What do you see? Just a bag?
This is what I call 'more than meets the eye'. Rabbit found some satisfyingly 'diggable' material inside the bag. It is actually his bedding, but now he has gone and soiled it all.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Docile Girl

Ninja is really the most sweet-tempered of the Squeaks. She has never bitten us (unlike PipSqueak). When she is bathed, she just keeps quiet and let V rub all her limbs and fur.

And trustingly, she eats her sunflower seed right in your hands...and leaves behind the shells. hahaha!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Childcare woes

Read with interest and concern the struggles of working mothers in looking for the requisite childcare while they are working. One common complaint is that childcare centres just don't stay open long enough for parents to rush there from work to pick their children up. This is despite the mind-bogglingly long hours they are already operating - from 7am to 7pm. 'Open for even longer hours,' mothers are pleading.

Doesn't it mean that childcare teachers have to report for work before everyone else, and are allowed to leave work only after every parent has picked up his/her children? Then, who is going to be providing childcare services for childcare teachers? I'm not trying to be funny here, just pondering the sad paradox that while they are taking care of others' kids, they have to leave their own elsewhere.

There is a rather obvious solution, only that it is impossible in our competitive society. Parents are just going to have to leave their office earlier - if they start work at 8am, leaving at 6pm is in no way dereliction of duty. When has it become acceptable to make people work 14-hour days? What is the point of our supremely advanced technology if we can't do more in less time?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Animal Lovers

How extreme a pet lover can one be?

I know, some folks thought it is rather ridiculous of me to keep bringing a hamster to the vet, but while there, I met a lady far more fanatic than me. She has 11 guinea pigs, and told me that she had acrylic containers built specially for them. One of her sick pets was brought to the...(get ready for this)...acupuncturist! What? I didn't even know that people can do acupuncture for animals! And the guinea pig finished course of 10 acupuncture treatments *faint*.

Alarmed, V warned me solemnly not to befriend her, though I wanted to ask her where she got the carpenter from. I would have liked to custom-build an enclosure for Blackie. Hahaha!

:( Vet suggested that we amputate (!!!) PipSqueak's foot to solve the abscess issue once and for all :( NOOoooo! She loves to run on her wheel! How horrid it would be for her to wake up and find a foot missing! *cry* I would rather just bring her to the vet again to get the abscess drained if needed.

On a happier note, she is recovering very nicely and played the whole night.

Sunday, May 08, 2011


People of Aljunied! What have you done? Now who will be our foreign minister?

Thursday, May 05, 2011

General Election 2011: Let's just move on from Kate Spade

The next time you take the MRT train, observe just how many women carry Kate Spade. That is, if they are not toting LV or Prada. Don't you know that women love their bags? It is nothing unusually extravagant or reprehensible if they choose to buy themselves a treat with money honestly earned.

So let's just stop harping on the Lady and her Kate Spade. Turning it into an election issue is, frankly, hitting below the belt. Highly unchivalrous and unsporting. There is no need to be self-righteous about being poor. It is a sad day when people are made to feel ashamed for enjoying some good things in life.


Oh no! It has come back! The abscess has grown bigger than ever and poor PipSqueak has to go to the vet once more to get it drained. We hate the idea of putting her through the trauma, especially when she has been so happy and lively lately. It doesn't seem to be bothering her very much, but I'm sure that it is toxic :( It is...right? Is it better to let her live with it and be happy or put her through treatment again and again?

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Another 'best-friends' picture

We have discovered why the TwinSqueaks are always in symmetrical or parallel positions. The simple reason is, Ninja is a copycat. She follows Friendly everywhere and does everything Friendly does. One day Friendly developed a case of hiccups, and Ninja started hiccuping too. Gave me a terrible shock.