Monday, October 31, 2011

Ninja enjoying life

We were cleaning the cages so all the Squeak were shifted to their temporary pen. No matter where they are, Ninja is so at ease that she can sleep and enjoy life.

Then she woke up and decided to steal some tissue paper from PipSqueak, who soon came out and squeaked fiercely at her neighbour. Hahaha, but PipSqueak, you frequently steal their bedding too.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Botanic Garden outing ends in rain

Yay, with the opening of the Circle Line, we now have access to places which used to be difficult to reach. Hooray for the Mrt! The public holiday seemed a good opportunity to explore Botanic Garden and get some exercise too. It was such a sunny day, but the greenery provided nice shade.

Alas, in true tropical rainforest fashion, it suddenly poured, and poured. We darted from shelter to shelter, finally hiding in a cave while the flash storm raged.

On the bright side, we were thoroughly entertained by a super cute poodle doing tricks. Hm...let me looked like it could get along with my 3 hamsters and 2 rabbits actually, and that day I saw a poodle at the PetShop...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy (Henpecked) couple

Now that the rabbits are roomed together again, they are twice as active and mischievous as ever. If the lazy owners wake up a little later than usual, expect plenty of banging from the yard.

But it's nice to see them happy once more. See how Whitty drapes her leg comfortably over Blackie.
How relaxing life is...

Monday, October 24, 2011

The City Never Sleeps

God made two lights, the greater one to shine brightly in the day, and the lesser to glimmer softly in the night.

Then Man invented the light bulb, and now the city never sleeps.

Saw in the newspapers that many spas are open 24 hours a day so that we can get massages whenever we want, since Singaporeans work such late hours. I’m not sure that this is a good idea. It may mean greater convenience for customers, and the business owners can maximize the use of their premises. But it disturbs me to think of the human costs to keep our economy humming even when it is time to rest. Who is going to work these graveyard shifts, pummeling sore muscles and helping others to relax so that they can sleep well? Seeing the toll exacted on my father as a night driver, I don’t think anyone really ‘gets used’ to such topsy-turvy hours.

Maybe I am being too sentimental and sensitive about it. I just can’t see myself going for midnight massages anytime soon.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ninja eating

Ninja enjoying a floret of broccoli. She squabbled with Friendly again this morning, over wheatgerm. The Squeaks both love it so much that they would wrestle over the powder until it is scattered all over the bedding and neither can eat it. hahaha! But I always give you plenty, Squeaks. It's very naughty of you to play in your food.

Update: Whitty is recovering fine, and getting restless in her cage. Blackie too is throwing tantrums in every way to show us that he wants Whitty back, like banging his metal hay ball on his cage or ripping newspapers. I hope my neighbours don't realise that the dreadful nightly racket comes from our yard :P

Thursday, October 20, 2011

From longkang to river

Somehow I think this makes it official - seeing a boat gliding peacefully through the water.

We are now living beside a river, not a longkang (big drain). Now this used to be a drain to catch all the rain water, it was shallow and frequently stank. See how much things can be changed if only we put in enough political will. Over the wasteland they planted forests, the drain was deepened and widened. Birds started flying over the area as if they were in a nature reserve. In fact, I think they made it a reserve :)

Then there are occasional boats. Woah! We are lucky to witness the transformation from longkang to river!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Whitty and Blackie: A Love Story

Sometimes, we hear stories of how animals stay near their injured companions faithfully. Now I know it can be true. Whitty and Blackie have been put into separate cages for Whitty's safety. To our surprise, Blackie has been wonderfully supportive and loving, and stayed as close to his girlfriend as possible despite the bars. *sniff sniff* It almost makes us feel like bad guys for keeping them apart. It won't be long ok, Blackie. You will soon have your little friend back.

Whitty is recovering well. We aren't letting her run around but she's getting restless. Hm...I wonder how long she has to remain in the cage.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The convalescent

After an anxious morning, the surgery is finally over. Rabbit looks somewhat sorry for herself, but seems alert on the whole. To my horror, the vet also detected fur mites on her, which means that Blackie needs treatment too. 

We are keeping the two rabbits in separate cages for the time being to let the convalescent recover safely. 

Time to stock up on treats to tempt her to eat.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spaying Whitty


It is about time to get Whitty spayed. The appointment has been made for tomorrow at the vet's. I know the success rates are reassuringly high. But I don't feel good putting my dear little girl through surgery. Still, everyone says that rabbits, if you aren't breeding them, should be neutered. It is true that Blackie is much calmer now that he is neutered. And Whitty has been so restless, practically harassing Blackie all the time, and EVEN humping his head (silly rabbit!)


But for all the good reasons, there is no denying the anxiety.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Angry Rabbits

The rabbits have to get their nails cut every 6 weeks, so one afternoon, we woke them up from their cozy nap to get them out of their cage. They were most reluctant about it, and it took a bit of chasing around the yard before they got bundled into the pet carrier. Unfortunately, the pet salon was full of excited, barking dogs which I don't think the rabbits like.

The rabbits were so offended by their experience that it took some time before they are friendly again. In fact, even now, Whitty isn't as trusting as before.

Whitty: I don't want your lousy strawberries

Blackie: We are having fun without you

Rabbits: Now leave the salad behind and go away

Hey rabbits, it's for your own good you know...

Thursday, October 06, 2011

It's a rich man's world

Moments like this, I wonder if somehow, unknowingly, I have slipped below the middle-class income level.

It was reported that at Natas Travel Fair, the tours packages were all snapped up, and that inspired V and I to plan a holiday too. At least, until we realised just how expensive even the air tickets are. Taxes another hefty sum, and then we did not even bother to look for accomodation, because we decided not to go anymore. 

We thought of doing up the only toilet left to the humans in our home, as it is getting somewhat shabby. To my dismay, just laying the tiles on the floor would cost a thousand. I think I will go and get a bleach pen instead :(

I've finally bitten the bullet and signed up for a driving course, hoping to hit the road really soon. The registration fees alone burnt a hole in my pocket, but apparently, many other people are also driving, because the lessons are so fully booked that it would be a couple of months before I can even start booking the lessons! Anyway I suppose there is no hurry, since car prices are sky high and I am not likely to be buying my own anytime soon. I look in wonderment at all the shiny new cars on the road. How do all these folks manage their finances? And travel? And do up their homes?

Then, feeling distinctly poor, I contemplate giving tuition to supplement my pay.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Greedy Girl: Ninja

Ninja is such greedy girl. She is always standing guard beside the food bowl, if not actually eating right inside, and keeping Friendly from getting the food. No wonder we hear the Squeaks quarrelling so frequently.  

See, Friendly is sleeping, but the greedy girl is still gnawing away non-stop.

Who cares if the foodbowl flies into the air like a magic carpet? Nothing comes between this Squeak and her food.