Monday, March 26, 2007


it is always difficult to say goodbye
and so i didn't.

they say that a modern city slicker meets more people in one day than an ancient rural dweller met in his whole life. i think it must be true. so many people come in and out of our lives that we will go crazy trying to keep in touch with everyone.

and so we don't.

it is only pragmatic to allow strangers to enter regularly, and to let friends and acquaintances fade out quietly, unmarked. but somewhere in my heart, there is always a sense of loss. there are people whom i would have liked to get to know better, and there are those whom i would like to meet again, but life doesn't offer such chances.

so yesterday, i taught my last sunday school class in grace chinese church. i didn't tell the students that i wouldn't ever be teaching them again, because i have other plans for my life. after all, a sunday school teacher is a sunday school teacher, and there would always be others. besides, what could i say that would be meaningful? and most importantly, i do hate saying goodbye, knowing that even if we promised to keep in touch in the spur of the moment,

we most likely wouldn't.