Friday, July 18, 2008

Acer travelmate 2000-2008

the day has finally come. acer travelmate is no more.

since i have neither a car nor a flat, this laptop is the most expensive item i have ever bought, and cost all of $2300. i was a poor undergraduate struggling to get by with tuition. a relative got it on my behalf, and when it arrived, i must admit that i was disappointed by its unwieldly body and heavy weight. it wasn't particularly mobile for a laptop, and those were the days when i had to take two jam-packed buses to get to school and back.

but it had a record of impeccable performance. i have to say that all these years, it hardly ever 'hung'. the only time i had to bring it to the acer service centre was to fix its upper case because of sheer wear and tear. i must have been a model laptop owner. later in its life, i actually quarantined it from cyberspace so that it did not have to be overloaded with anti-virus softwares and other security features. it had a long good run.

there are two things i remember Acer particularly for. i bought it mainly to write my honours thesis on, and spent many long hours writing frantically in the honours room and drinking gallons of bubble tea. it was the time when every second shop sold bubble tea. i put on weight thanks to my drinking habits :P hey nihon no tomo, we both got our new laptops at the same time. how long did yours last? hahahaha

then i graduated and took to playing sim city after work :P instead of socialising like a sensible young woman should. and i wasn't even being a nerd. sim city was already sadly out of date even at that time :P at least i achieved astronomical land prices in my cities :) mind you, i still like a good game of sim city. it is stunningly easy to play and one can hardly fail, especially since i have cheat codes :P

in these days, to an eight-year-old laptop is an anachronism. the monitor has corroded beyond repair, and since i paid only $2300, what more can i ask for? it served me well when it lasted. i'll let it RIP. some things are gone and lost forever, like the lovely pictures of my solo odyessy in england :( and my essays :( :( but life still goes on and there would be better things to come. this time round i'll learn to use a thumb drive :P