Friday, September 12, 2008

Little Girl Lost

last week, i was at the rink, when i met a little girl wandering around on the ice alone. she was so tiny that we could hardly see her, unless we looked down. it probably wasn't too long ago when she was learning to walk. why on earth was this child skating alone, or skating at all?

it was a crowded day, and the public skaters were charging wildly everywhere. this little girl was too young to understand danger. actually, she was skating/walking in the wrong direction, but you can't teach a baby what anti-clockwise means. here we were, adult expert skaters :P all skidding and stumbling to avoid her, and she walked everywhere freely and blithely, utterly oblivious to the dangers that surround her. i bet she had more fun than i did :(

Maybe to God, i am just the same - naive to perils, and indifferent to teaching. i am not known for my cunning or discretion, and am prone to supremely rash decisions. God knows how many times He intervened to save my skin, or to save me from myself. maybe all my guardian angels are overworked, especially when i am skating, or wandering in quiet places alone, or hehe, simply talking to the powers that be :P

and like the lost little girl, i am not even aware of all the action behind the scenes to keep me safe. i just traipse along merrily, throwing occasional tantrums when protective hands hold me back from what i want. yes, i think that is probably what my life looks like in God's perspective.