Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Say

i have been swallowing my words so often that i think i am growing fat.

i don't know whether it is because i have become wiser with words, or maybe i am just too tired to argue.

sometimes i don't offer contradictory views because i don't want to strain friendships. this is particularly true of theological opinions, because most of the time, i think we know too little to be able to argue meaningfully.

other times i don't argue because i also discover that some people - many people - aren't really interested in what is said. they just want to expound on and on. h*ll, i have my own opinion and i am not about to change my mind because of your pontification. it isn't my problem if you insist on your misled views. besides, a lot of opinions cannot really be justified by logic and evidence. i just feel this way, and why can't i? why should i attempt to put emotions into words and reasons?

and i have learnt not to speak, when speaking doesn't help anything. words are hopelessly futile in consolation, and pointless in trying to change the decisions made by the powers-that-be. but it is ok, argument isn't the only form of resistance.

so just because i am silent doesn't mean that i agree with you. you may have the last word but you may not get what you want. you cannot defeat me when i choose not to fight. i feel rather like the defiant little boy who is punished in class: 'i am standing, but my heart is sitting.'

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


there aren't any pictures.

to be honest, there wasn't anything really noteworthy. i mean, those of you who have been to batam would have seen bintan too :P besides, i was armed with only my samsung Hp camera, which really can't do justice even to whatever there was.

it was rather a wrench coming home. all that resort living does is to give a moment of escapism, when reality doesn't seem to matter very much, and you are made so happy that you would pay $30 for every meal, because you were feted like royalty everywhere.

and it was great not having anything on the agenda, only to eat, sleep, and try to while away the hours in between. on the second morning, i had breakfast early, swam a bit, had more breakfast, then swam again. i think i must have dripped chlorine water all over the restaurant, but the waiters were very tolerant :P

the last note on my trip: Hot Stone Massage at Aroma Day Spa

i liked being able to choose my favourite oils. the therapist was very sensitive to my reactions, and made sure that i was comfortable throughout. hot stones were used to soften the ground before the kneading started.10 mins into the treatment, i felt so relaxed that i could melt into the bed. this treatment is highly recommended.

the spa touts itself as a place offering 'world class service at local prices'. well, it is certainly cheaper than the resort spas, and they actually even sent its own private transport to chaffeur these two women to the spa. the service was impeccable, to say the least. check out this place if you do go to bintan.