Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Get the ads coming

i just don't get enough hits on this blog. in fact, little fish says that my blog is downright boring, but i figure that this isn't the reason. what kind of blogs get the most attention? those that write sensationally about sex, or food. it looks like cyberspace citizens only like to gratify their basest instincts. so when a blog muses on issues of philosophy and current affairs, nobody is going to read it.

fine, if this is the way things are going to be, guess i have to be more pragmatic, and give the audience what they want. be warned. what is written below is R(21) material.

Fatal Attraction
She sees him and he sees her.
they do it, and so she is going to get pregnant.
Then she eats him up because there is no more need for him to stay around.

there, you depraved lot! i hope you are happy now! the sex life of spiders is exciting, isn't it? this entry is all sex and and violence and food. what more can anyone ask for? think google is going to put some ads on my blog soon :P