Saturday, November 04, 2006


my dear friends,

masterofboots IS BACK!!!

i really want to thank everyone for your encouraging messages and prayers. the messages are still in my hp, and i read them before i went into THE PLACE :)

the greatest challenge of lasik is purely psychological actually. i mean, there is never any real pain because of all the anaesthetic drops. but, it takes incredible will power to obey the instructions. i mean, instructions like: 'i am going to draw on your eyeball with a pen and you musn't blink' :P *help*

then, i realise how perverse humans can be. the more you are told not to do something, the more you can't help doing it. really! the doctor kept saying 'look at the red light, don't look right or left.' and guess what, i had a terrible, terrible urge to move my eye ball.

but it's all over quite fast, and BeDi was waiting outside the laser suite :) and i am walking around with my new magic eyes. they still feel strange and sore now. and funniest of all, i kept wanting to 'take out my contact lenses', before remembering that i am not even wearing any! considering that i have worn spectacles for almost 20 years, this really MAGIC - the magic of technology. hahaha GP students can put this in their essays.

ok, shouldn't be on the computer, considering that i only had my eyes fixed yesterday :P dont' want to ruin my magic eyes.