Monday, May 03, 2010

Big Squeak and Pip Squeak

The male species is now very much outnumbered at home. The hamsters happened after all - two females called Big Squeak and Pip Squeak. You can guess why they are thus called. I would have liked to put their pictures here, but they move too fast and won't stay still for a moment.

Pets these days have really a privileged life.. Once upon a time, hamsters were just kept in simple cages with a treadmill - humble housing. Now they are housed in a duplex - a double-storeyed bungalow that comes with an exercise area, sleeping hut, bathroom, individual water bottles, teeth stone and soft bedding. There is anti-stress supplement in their food to help them cope with the transition of going to a new home. We had to buy baby pet wipes, shampoo, and a whole lot of other welfare stuff. 

Big Squeak is extraordinarily lively. She spent the whole day playing upstairs, until we seriously thought that she was stuck and couldn't get down. So these two giants stuck our clumsy fingers at her trying to push her down, and she squeaked in protest. We worried the whole day and night about how we could get her back to the living area, when suddenly, she decided that she wanted to get down, and easily slid down the tube. Hmm...we don't understand our babies very well yet. Pip Squeak hid in her little hut the whole day. I hope that she had eaten some food when we weren't looking.

Well...responsibilties of having pets. Dear me, if this is what it takes to keep them healthy and happy, I wonder what having children would be like.