Monday, October 16, 2006

time capsule

the cast of the tempest reunited once again because prospero got married. and at the wedding, we decided to open our 10-year time capsule. it is such a strange feeling looking at something that we, in our foolish youth and naivete, wrote. it was really quite a moment, especially when...the groom found out that he did not actually contribute to the time capsule :P i, the keeper of the holy grail, could have just died, died, died, from the sheer embarassment. but at least, other members of the table got back what they wrote.

it is quite something remembering the hopes and dreams and fears that we recorded in the time capsule, standing at quite crucial crossroads of our life then. still, i suppose we were really naive then. i somehow imagined that the decisions that i made about university etc would direct the rest of my life, not quite realising that so many other things could happen in life, and what is one turning?

i was amused to see that me at 18 years old wrote about the situation in the balkans and the middle east, and attempted to predict what would happen ten years later. some things have changed greatly, and others have remained the same...what is 10 years in the development of history?

it was rather sad to see that some of the people who contributed to the time capsule have long been lost to our group of friends. well, 10 years is a long time and i do count myself lucky that i am still friends with so many of the cast of the Tempest :)

there are a few unclaimed notes: ann, des, ailin, yucky, and some mysterious person who wrote in chinese. please contact me to get your scroll back :)