Monday, December 04, 2006

Special Day

yesterday was a big day for our family, and everyone relevant turned up punctually .

mum celebrated her birthday early, so we get to feast on KFC, pizza and curry chicken. *yummy* there was so much food left over that i could dine on it today. still taste good :)

before the pig-out started, daddy announced the good news- Mum had just accepted Christ, on the very day. well, it wasn't exactly a great surprise to us anymore, because she had been attending church quite regularly with us for the past few months. was quite a moment. truly, God moves mountains quietly when we are not looking.

after the feast was a good time of bonding for everyone. the fat one wanted to play indian poker, but the rest of us were content to let our brains rest after the strenuous meal, so it was good old black jack. no thinking needed :P