Wednesday, January 11, 2006

the end

it is without any sense of loss that i told DX that i won't be going for skating lessons anymore.

after years of rushing for skating lessons, doing off-ice conditioning, hyperventilating during competitions, and hanging out with other skaters,

i have finally called it a day.

DX was disappointed, but some things cannot be helped. i am grateful to God that the end is easier than i thought. i feel no regret, only relief. there are so many other things that are important in life, and this skater girl has to grow up and move on.

it is like, the end of a very, very long summer vacation, a mid-summer night's dream. but dreamers awake eventually.

it's a pity i never conquered the axel.


intrigue2109 said...

why stop?

wxin said...

one day i woke up and decided its time to stop

win said...

hm why? but i thought that you are real good at it? or are u kind of sick of it already? well at least please get the axel right 1st before quiting at least you wont regret not being able to do it if in the future when you get too old to do it hehe..i really cant imagine a granny wxin doing axels in the ring haha oh yea even if you do quit for real could you teach me to skate someday anyway? haha do you think i can always attach a razor blade to my sports shoe and tread the ice with a thread? oops i mean like a skater haha