Monday, April 10, 2006

the Tempest

sometimes there is only a fine line between friend and foe.

Life scattered the cast of the Tempest 1996 around the world, but yesterday, we reunited for a sunday lunch. even the long lost King Alonso made a rare appearance. prospero and prince ferdinand came too. it was quite an occasion, and i liked the food at Imperial Banquet, though the other airy fairy didn't.

and it looks like we have decided that yucky is one of us, after all.

so it struck me that friendship is very strange. we have had a decade of bickering and fights, which involve flying objects - like shoes, pens, fried fish and squashed lemons. i remember scenes of angry fairies yelling at the obnoxious director. but every time yucky returns to singapore, he would call me, and sometimes, he is even rather nice.

he is going to off to HK to work, so, as usual, we tried to browbeat him to pick up the tab, but failed, as usual too. never mind, he said that he would buy us dinner if we go to HK. hahaha, the lawyer is really careless this time. he should know the danger of giving blank cheques. i am going to check out the most expensive restaurants on The Peak. but to be nice, i'll pay for the tram tickets up :P

sometimes there is only a fine line between friend and foe.

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nihon no tomo said...

Ariel sure wished she/he could have been there... :( sounds like you people had a great time. urayamashii! am glad we all have changed, grown up..

thanks for being a great friend these ten years... arigatou Ceres!