Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Since God is omnipotent...
Can He create a mountain too big for Him to lift, and
can He then lift this mountain?

This was a classic trick question i encountered in my philosophy class. Dare i hazard an answer?

What makes us think that the syllogistic logic of our world has to be true always, in all forms of existence? Let us imagine that you can follow the white rabbit into a world in which the laws of logic are different. In this world, it is possible for something to be completely red and completely green, at the same time. And 2+11=1 because we count according to the face of the clock. Can God create a world like that?

Why not? He has already created our world, with astounding detail and complex laws governing it. I wonder if these logical laws are set in place more for our benefit than anything else, to enable our limited faculties to make sense of something too great for us to comprehend. Just consider the concept of time and space - these are limits only for us. God is everywhere and, He has no beginning nor end.

so it is not difficult to imagine that an alternative world like that can exist. after all, when we are dreaming, our minds sometimes follow completely different logic. extraordinary things appear perfectly natural. last night, i dreamt that i was...erm, yes, flying ala ironman, and at no point was i surprised. in fact, i could even control my flight path and decide how high to fly. no, i wasn't on drugs. i was just in an alternative world - dreamland.

the question therefore, is not how God can create an impossible mountain, but why He should. Why would God want confuse us, and contradict the principles of nature which He sets in place? He is already God, what more does He have to prove?

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