Friday, January 09, 2009

the big move - one week on

here I am, in my tailored pants and fitted shirt, feeling somber and important, and trying to remember to think before I speak. I suppose, at some point in life, growing up is inevitable

I’ve been told that there would be a steep learning curve and this is true! I can hardly help absorbing knowledge in all the discussions and conversations around me. It is humbling to be a beginner and novice all over again, and having to find firm footing when the sands are shifting beneath my feet. Suddenly, all my expertise doesn’t seem to be relevant. Who cares if I could write about the Descartes or explain the allegory of the cave?

But I shall be optimistic. If I always choose to do what I am already familiar with, I would become slow and stupid. Think of it this way…I’m sure that I have just staved off Alzheimer’s disease with all the stimulation.

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