Thursday, January 22, 2009

Misanthrope musing

They say that a woman speaks 20000 words a day. I mean, a woman has to speak 20000 words a day. Otherwise the unspoken words would accumulate painfully within her until they spill out uncontrollably, like in a tirade against her loved ones.

Let me try to see if I meet this quota:

Since I am a misanthrope, I shall count the written words too. I probably produce 2000 written words every day. I say ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to my colleagues. I say ‘yes’ to boss, and ‘thank you’ to the office attendant. Then I go home, where half of my family members are in bed already, and the fat one is too busy to talk. No wonder I have been feeling less misanthropic lately.

Truth be told, I really miss having people to talk to, like those quirky northpole people. When I first entered this job, a veteran says, ‘don’t befriend your colleagues’. Now I see that they mean. It makes moving on more difficult.

Beware, my friends. If we ever meet, you’ll have to listen to approximately 100000 words because of the backlog. Er, anyone wants to meet me soon?

1 comment:

Xmac said...

With our timetables this year, we can only meet for dinner. Ah Heah's trying to find a common acceptable slot, possibly Ellenborough Market. Will keep you posted.

Northpole misses you too. :(