Sunday, March 22, 2009


Chronicles of my eReader saga

- Amazon ignored my enthusiastic email about the Kindle
- B&H cancelled my order for my Sony eReader
- then, suddenly, a package arrived with 3 days.

I am astonished by the speed, and would like to thank Fedex for the speedy delivery. after some disappointment and setbacks, I am happy to say that I, masterofboots, am finally now a proud owner of Hanlin V3, aka Bebooks.

It isn't as stylish as the Sony eReader, and can't read books from Amazon. BUT, it is MINE, and I am happy to say that I have been busy trying to load all my favourite books, like Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and and James Herriot. Yes, friends, you've heard me right. HAHAHA, what else did you think I was going to do with the eReader? I know, it seems a pity getting such a fancy gadget just to read these trivial stuff, but you see, my old copies of these books are already fading with age, and becoming increasingly moldy too.

I just spent 2 hours sweating over the software, trying to download books from mobipocket. After much effort, I finally succeeded. hmmm, this is going to take some getting use to.

The dreadful thought refuses to go away. Does it mean that i am never going to have an excuse to go into bookshops again? Yun just reminded me that Borders has a special sales, but, will this ever mean anything to me now? This is a lifestyle dilemma. How ambivalent I feel now about this device people invented! What if ... we destroy the very existence of the books we love?

*** ***
The Wedding Helper

I am not sure why, but time and again, I find myself performing at people's weddings, like, singing for my supper. Yesterday it happened again. This time, I had to be the emcee. One hour before the event, I looked at my script, and I the Chinese or English emcee?

Then I went to the hotel restaurant, and demanded to report. 'But, I am the emcee! You've got to let me go in.'

They looked at me and said, 'Miss, I think your event is next door. This place is holding two dinners tonight.' I fled without even apologising. How would I know there were two wedding dinners, side by side?

Little hiccups aside, everything else ran quite smoothly. I wouldn't even think that I was doing an emcee's job. I was just reading from the script and I can do that quite well you know, haha. I gave Boon One special instructions to make sure that I had big helpings of my favourite dishes.

The good thing was, I wasn't nervous at all. Anyway, I knew that no one was listening. The couple made their speeches, and people continued to chat. How rude people can be! Of course, you'll tell me, that's normal at a Chinese wedding dinner. But why should it be? >:1

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