Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To Men

Dear (Gentle)men,

When women ask for sexual equality, we don't really mean that we want to be treated like men. Do we, in any way, look like members of the same gender to you? Do we have rough skin, hairy arms and thick necks?

Surely you understand that the women liberation movement gathered such force only because there was simply too much mistreatment going on. We don't want to be treated like cattle to be used and bashed according to the masters' will. Women want to be paid the same amount for the same job. And not all women are willing to stay at home after marriage, and what is wrong with that? Don't men appreciate an additional income?

But some men just cannot understand that sexual equality is not the same as anarchy. It doesn't mean that it becomes fine for you to jostle for Mrt seats with us, or elbow past us to get unto the escalator first. And you win because you are 1. bigger 2. taller and 3. very rude. As for those who take the priority seats when there are pregnant ladies around, words fail me.

Of course, you have the right to do these things, just as everyone has the right to be a j*erk, as long as he doesn't break the law, but I would like to think that a knight would be gallant even there isn't any obligation to be so. Even if we ladies have forfeited our claims on chivalry, surely we can ask for a little civility

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