Monday, June 22, 2009

The Big Project

It's so empty that you can hear your voice echo and reverberate through the house. Now we have the pleasant task of filling it up in the most attractive way possible. No interior designer for us, we are going to count on our good taste.

Wondering how much can go into this floor space:

The contractor was disappointed to see how well maintained our resale flat is. This means little work and money for him. Is this standard industry practice? He simply packed us off with a shopping list (go to Sim Siang Choon and Goodrich), and left us to figure out how to buy the correct items. So here we are, trying to measure the fixtures and feeling lost.

1 comment:

Xmac said...

Nice space. Crap contractor, though. Doesn't seem to care whether your choices will integrate with his design or even the existing fixtures. Unless you gave him the impression that you knew what you were doing?