Friday, July 03, 2009

Work in Progress

Ah, the happy sight of work in progress :) I must learn to give instructions more clearly. At first I told the contractor to remove some window grilles, then I changed my mind. Ahhhhhh, he removed them anyway! Oh no, now I know that not all men can react as quickly to my ficklemindness. The window is now utterly unprotected, and I am wondering whose fault it really is :(

This is not an ordinary lamp. It probably has to pass through the generations in our new family because:

1. It is made in Portugal
2. It is made of brass
3. most of all, the cautious one is so very proud of it and
4. It is blo*dy expensive (see, the price tag is still on it)

It hangs over the dining table area, but masterofboots still thinks that it looks more congruent in a canteen, so there :P Never mind, even the cautious one is allowed his moments of impulsiveness.
*** ***
I am very curious about our neighbours. There are 4 flats on our floor. They are
1. Family with lots of shoes
2. Catholic family (could tell from the crucifix on the wall)
3. Next door unknown entity.
Nothing is known about our next door neighbours so far. I hear the gentle clinking of cutlery during meal times, and know that they use white lights at home. Their living room walls are lilac, I know because I peeked in their flat. But I have not seen them once. They could be phantoms for all I know. I wonder very much what they are like, and hope that they are nice people.
BUT nothing is going to make this misanthrope knock on their door to introduce myself :P

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