Wednesday, November 04, 2009


We've heard many complaints about poor service in Singapore, but occasionally, customers from h*ell rear their ugly heads and makes you think, "So, that's why sales staff behave the way they do."

A young lady bumped into the shop display and broke something. She was asked to pay for the item, worth $36. I'm not sure what ensued in the confrontation, but apparently, the sales lady threatened to call the security. By the time I entered the shop, a shrill quarrel was in full swing, with the mother and daughter duo taking turns to point fingers and scream at the sales staff. "It is your fault that you placed the stuff here and caused me to knock into it!"

Actually, I doubt very much that the shop would take legal action against these two ladies if they had refused to pay. Most of the time, in such situations, people pay up because they feel responsible for the damage. However, the two ladies were sufficiently intimidated by the spectre of the security guards and paid up. Then, feeling deeply sore at their loss, they decided to strike at the weaker links. They shouted at the sales staff at great length for their alleged rudeness, demanding respect as customers, and then asked for their full names and titles so that they could lodge a cooooooomplaaaaaaaint. Long after we walked off, when we passed by the shop again, they were still raging implacably.

Goodness me, the poor girl facing the viragos was almost in tears. These people are just employees trying to uphold store policies, and manage customers' quirks. They have to please everyone, and end up pleasing no one. For $36, the two ladies would have a pound of their flesh.

If I were just a little younger and brasher, I would have given the ferocious mother and daughter gang a good scolding, but since I'm only a blogger with a soft voice, all I can do is vent my indignation here. And this is what I think of them:

Got money, no class.

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