Monday, January 25, 2010

Helpers' Meeting

What we would do without out huge army of capable helpers, I do not know.

After much reminding by various anxious volunteers, Bridezella finally decreed a time and place and said, everyone please turn up. It was supposed to be at the Hans in Marine Parade. Before V and I arrived, we received calls from our friends. That branch of Hans no longer exists. Oh ok...we need to get our databases updated :P

Never mind, we adjourned to Mac instead, where a larger than expected crowd turned up. We distributed the list of tasks and helpers involved, then friends pointed out all the details we got wrong. I quite think that our helpers are more eager than we are to make sure that everything is fine on the day itself. *sniff sniff* We are very grateful, but as we have only 6 sets of cutlery at home, it looks like we are going to have to do our Helpers' Thanksgiving dinner in several batches :P

I can tell that the Sisters gang will nanny me into having a manicure, pedicure and all other beauty rituals before the event. And they wouldn't even let me eat ice-cream :( I suppose, it is the Bride's fault for being generally lazy and uncooperative about her own wedding :P But I had the last laugh yesterday. On our way home, I made V send me to the provision shop where I had a popsicle. Strictly speaking, it was ice, but not cream :P

While we were at it, we also chose more photos for our slide show. I hadn't realised that we took a staggering 500 pictures at the second photoshoot! wow...I must say that these informal pictures reflect our personalities and relationship much more accurately than the stilted, formal studio ones.

After all the excitement of the meeting, we went to Aussino to buy a marvellous 100% silk quilt for our new home, and immediately forgot to take it with us when we left the shop :P oops...

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jen said...

better watch what you put into your mouth, else will regret when it's time to fit into the gown. it's less than two weeks away! and a mani-pedi IS definitely compulsory.