Wednesday, February 10, 2010

and now, let the credits roll

Dear friends, what have we done to deserve such big-hearted, focussed and capable help? You are going to convert me from my misanthropic ways if you don't watch it! We want to thank

Wedding coordinators - Saul the one-man army and CindyOng for making sure that the bride behaves herself

Bridesmaid and Best man - for running in circles around us and taking care of all details

'Jie Mei' - The gatekeepers. Suen the chaperone of the bridesmaid, CY and Jen for zipping my dresses up again and again :P

Brothers - Jeremy, Paul, Mike, etc for shaking their bums shamelessly for the sake of their brother's quest. But someone secretly hid the chilli padi instead of eating it!

Anthony - fearless navigator of traffic jams and snarls

Weng and Gary - one of the relatives commented, 'they are the best photographers I have ever seen!' Thanks for making those aunties and uncles smile widely

Paul - a multi-functional entertainment unit - sings, translates, and jokes.

Huimin and Samson - the Band, for singing my favourite songs

Henry - for taking care of the million details at touch centre

Sminy - music selection and personal freight of the music

HP and Bloh - general shepherding of the good folks of the northpole

YC - the almost 'sister'. we felt so safe knowing that you were looking after the AV

My own sisters - Boon One, Fat one and Little Fish - you girls look so pretty at the dinner reception!

All right, now the dust is settling in the aftermath of the event, and we are getting used to being the 'Marrieds'. When we finally, finally get our act together, will have house warming...eventually. Am not cooking. I've declared that all along, so there.


jen said...

:) you're finally married! happy for you. :D anything, just give a holler; we're all so near each other.

Kitsune said...

hear, hear!