Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fire and Water

This is the view of the volcano we had from the restaurant.  Splendid isn't it?

I'm embarassed to admit that the turtles were the only animals we dared to touch. And they are the biggest I've ever seen. Oh dear, what are we doing to do with our terrapin when it reaches that size?

But Turtle Island isn't a place for animal-lovers to go to, unless they are animal-rights activists. Our island guide tried to persuade us to pet a snake 'No problem, the mouth is all taped up'. Or take pictures with a eagle, which was ignominously made to flap around like a chicken, or grab the turtles from the water and turn them over. The place reminds me of a very primitive zoo, in the bad old days when men were made to fight beasts for others' pleasure.

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