Monday, November 22, 2010


Meet TwinSqueaks. Tentatively, this is what they would be known as, until we have figured out who is who. They look so perfectly alike that if you have seen one, you have met the other. Here is one of them. Doesn't she look sweet and innocent?

 Here is another of them. Or...maybe it is the same one. Hm...I can't tell.

The menagerie is growing. We put the cages side by side, and PipSqueak is very curious about them. She keeps coming out to look, with her ears pricked up and nose quivering.

Yes, they were an impulse buy. I have been looking for a Syrian actually, and we met some. There was a pretty grey one, but I just don't feel anything for it. Then there was another wild-haired spitting male Syrian hamster, but it looked more like the Tasmanian devil. We can't imagine having it at home and we wouldn't dare to groom it!

Then suddenly, a dear little face looked out at us from the tank. They are such pretty little things that I wonder how I could have missed them at first! So, the inevitable happened. They are settling down very well and playing actively.


jen said...

why did vincent let you!!! or is he as crazy as you are?

masterofboots said...

if not i keep saying i miss bigsqueak! :P

Kai Hui said...

wow... no wonder u wanne buy them... i also want to buy liao.... so cute !(>.<)!

Kitsune said...


Kitsune said...

really very cute!

kisetsu said...

Congrats on your new hammie.