Monday, January 10, 2011

The Squeaks

Gradually, the Squeaks developed more distinct personalities.

Friendly is a BIG girl. As she does nothing but eat and sleep, she has erm...put on a terrible lot of weight. Picking her up is like holding a wriggling potato. See, here she is, guzzling again. Have to let her run in the ball more.

PipSqueak is a ferocious little thing. She'd bite any finger that comes too near her. *CHOMP* Both V and I have scars from her aggression.
Ninja is super turbo. It's the first time I've seen hamsters doing flips, yes, flips on the wheel. She'd run so fast that she flies into the air and makes a perfect 360 degree turn. Terrifies me to see her do it, but apparently, this is repeated safely a hundred times every night.

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