Friday, March 04, 2011

Bunny Tales

I'm swooning. Nope, not from the cute overload, but with exhaustion chasing Blackie.

I know, I know, of course I shouldn't run after him, but what is the owner to do to get him back into his cage? Like a naughty, active child, he wants to binky around the yard, but we can't leave him there all the time. I learnt that a rabbit is very much faster than a hamster :P And his claws are SHARPppp.

And he has a will of his own. As Blackie has already decided that his litter box is his bed, he poops and pees everywhere EXCEPT the litter box. He likes his bed clean. As Snake suggested, I have to get him a solid mat so that he can rest his paws. He likes it so much that he pooped all over it. There! Now everyone will know it is HIS!

I have to:

1. Toilet train him properly. Maybe I should just give him two litter boxes - one to sleep in and one for him to answer nature's call.
2. Teach him to go back into his cage after playtime. Hm...but no one likes being locked up all the time.
3. Find a way to fix a harness on him so that he can walk around a bit more.

Read the link on rabbit language. Uh I know he's cross every time we return him into his cage.

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Anonymous said...

awwwwwwww, so more pictures of him here