Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little story about the elections

As election drumbeats grow more frantic, the various opposition parties are getting ready for battle. As it is no secret that the war has already been lost, I am always surprised that there are people who are willing to plough in time and money to fight for their cause. For them, the rewards are scant, and recognition must be given to their sacrifice and effort.

But something happened to make me feel very glad that we have a rigorous system that keeps the wrong candidates out. This incident was reported at a recent gathering of the opposition parties, when all gathered to decide on the areas for their election campaigns. After the meeting, one man actually lost, of all things, his shoes! The victim then proceeded to look around for another pair of shoes that fitted him and wore those instead. And thus, he turned one act of theft into two.

Goodness, if these men aren’t clowns, I don’t know what a joke is. I’m not sure which I found more ignominious – the act of stealing, or the pettiness of the stolen item. It is great relief to know that they are not likely to win a seat in our government.

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