Friday, March 18, 2011

V's entry: Clash of territorial males

It is hard to dispute Masterofboots' argument. Blackie is an active growing boy who needs lots of space to run about. Hey, some people let their rabbits run everywhere in the house. They would be miserable if they are confined to the cage all the time. And hence, this is a compromise of sorts: Blackie gets the laundry yard, the master bedroom toilet and the hallway. beautiful home!

The long and narrow hallway is perfect for a rabbit run. We only have to close the doors and block up the escape.

But!!! The naughty thing isn't even contented with the space he's got! See the rabbit ears sticking out behind the barriers? He is wondering how far he can breach his territory. Hmmm!

Shooed back into his area. Now he is investigating the doors and trying to get into the rooms. Rabbit! Stay in your area!

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