Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At PetLover's: a conversation

I supposed, I did sabotage the sales pitch that day. This was the conversation that took place. A lady was enchanted by two super cute dwarf bunnies at PetLover's Centre, and was making inquiries about them, and I overheard them while I was busy ogling at the same bunnies.

LC: lady customer
PL: Petlover Centre sales staff
ME: me

LC: I have a dog already. A poodle. Can they live together?
PL: Poodle should not be a problem.
LC: So I can let the bunny run everywhere in the house?
PL: Yes. They can run everywhere, like the dog.
LC: And the hay is for them to sleep on?
PL: The hay is food.
LC: That is what they eat? I thought rabbits eat carrots?
PL: Actually they should eat mostly hay.
ME: Though mine likes newspaper best.
LC and PL: really?
ME: Yes, and my furniture.
ME: And wires. If you let them run everywhere, your wires will all be nibbled.

At this point, PL sales staff went away, and the lady thanked me for the information.

Now, I never intend to be an animal rights vigilante, but the lady obviously knew nothing about rabbits, and the sales staff wasn't giving her the full picture. It worries me that she would bring home a cute-as-pie bunny which she would then find destroys all her furniture. My sad washing machine can testify to what I said. And my kindle jacket too. Just trying to prevent another pet abandonment case. At least now, if she does buy a rabbit, she knows what she is in for. A bunny is like a hyperactive two year old, with extremely powerful teeth. Hahaha. Even as I am typing now, Blackie is busy charging around me and eating up my walls.

Besides, I wasn't lying about the newspapers.

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Todd Bedo said...

Haha! This post totally made my day.. You are so right about the bunnies although they really do love to free roam! and chew... My wife used to have a bunch of bunnies and a ferret and it was so fun to watch the ferret run around with the bunnies, but we could never just leave them out or everything would be destroyed!