Saturday, April 30, 2011

General elections 2011

The difference between political freedom and anarchy is responsibility. We are a democracy because we consider ourselves mature enough to make fair decisions.

It alarms me to see the behavior of my fellow voters, especially in the cyberspace. Vitriol is the order of the day, and everything said can be twisted and sneered at. It is better not to say anything at all! And now it seems that such discontentment and corrosive hate have spread to the political rallies, where hecklers disrupt speeches.

Friends, think of the consequences of your actions and what is at stake. Of course life can always be better, but is life now so bad that you actually want to chance a revolution? Or is envy the true reason for your anger? It seems that there are those who, failing to achieve the desired level of comfort in life, would prefer to drag everyone else down with them. And then what happens next?

No matter which party one votes for, make it a rational decision. The vote should never be abused as a tool of protest.


jj said...

lets agree to disagree ... anarchy is not chaos ... its order out of control, Kant called it "Law And Freedom without Violence" ... anyway good to see that some ppl still care, and didnt gave up on politics =)

Anonymous said...

I do agree some of the opposition supporters do go overboard with their insults and accusation. But I have to say that there is a genuine group of people who are suffering right now and these are often the lower-income earners, and I would say they are perhaps really desperate some form of reforms, and its not purely out of envy.

Perhaps you can check this out:

Voting for the opp might not be a highway to hell as the media and PAP-supporters tend to portray :)