Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Animal Lovers

How extreme a pet lover can one be?

I know, some folks thought it is rather ridiculous of me to keep bringing a hamster to the vet, but while there, I met a lady far more fanatic than me. She has 11 guinea pigs, and told me that she had acrylic containers built specially for them. One of her sick pets was brought to the...(get ready for this)...acupuncturist! What? I didn't even know that people can do acupuncture for animals! And the guinea pig finished course of 10 acupuncture treatments *faint*.

Alarmed, V warned me solemnly not to befriend her, though I wanted to ask her where she got the carpenter from. I would have liked to custom-build an enclosure for Blackie. Hahaha!

:( Vet suggested that we amputate (!!!) PipSqueak's foot to solve the abscess issue once and for all :( NOOoooo! She loves to run on her wheel! How horrid it would be for her to wake up and find a foot missing! *cry* I would rather just bring her to the vet again to get the abscess drained if needed.

On a happier note, she is recovering very nicely and played the whole night.


Xmac said...

That was a terrible suggestion by the vet. Glad you made a rational decision, even if it does inconvenience you. :)

snake said...

Poor PipSqueak!

masterofboots said...

Snake's comment got deleted by Blogspot. Think their system crashed

Anonymous said...

Don't amputate!!!!
Little fish