Thursday, May 26, 2011

Down with football thugs

I am disgusted to read about the free for all fight on the pitch between Hougang United and Toilet Etoile. Isn't such violence considered rioting, which means that the guilty parties should all be arrested? Then someone told me that apparently if it happens on the football pitch, then it is only dealt with as a disciplinary case. It isn't taken as a criminal offense. Well, it jolly should be! How can full grown men get away with open assault (involving chairs!)just because they happen to kick a ball well? Actually, considering their dismal performance, they don't even kick too well. It is bad enough when world famous footballers get into trouble, it's worse when even mediocre ones feel free to behave like gangsters. As a total non-fan, I can only gape at the senselessness of having overpaid, overgrown and underperforming brats running around.

Shame on all parties involved!

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