Monday, May 23, 2011

A Special On Ninja

One should never display favouritism...but I have to admit that Ninja is really the cutest Squeak of them all :P She always has a confused 'what is happening' look about her. 

This is the first shot I took of Ninja using the new camera. Hehehe...I just grabbed her in one hand and clicked away with the other. Ninja is so docile that she hardly protested. She is just baffled, as usual. "Am I flying? Is it treat time again?"

Looking at V inquiringly. "Are you going to give me another pine nut?" I'm happy to say that our Squeaks trust us perfectly and have no fear in our hands. It must be due to our loving care :)

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kisetsu said...

She is Sooooo Cuteeee! =D