Monday, May 30, 2011

V's entry: The BRATSssss

I have never seen such a group of spoilt, wilful pets.

PipSqueak has such refined tastes that she refuses to eat regular hamster food, and will only deign to nibble on organic pine nuts and flaxseeds.

Friendly insists on her morning and evening runs every day. We now have to talk in a whisper whenever she is around because if she hears us, she will bite on the cage bars until we let her come out.

Blackie!!! Blackie throws a terrible tantrum whenever we don't let him out quickly enough first thing in the morning. If you delay his playtime even by a little, you risk having him throw about his litter box (with all its content).

Ninja is the only one who doesn't misbehave too much. So far, her naughtiest act is to poop heavily into the shared foodbowl (every day and night) so that Friendly can't eat the food there.

And masterofboots just waltzed into the petshop nearby and asked them why they aren't stocking organic hamster food. They must think some seriously pet crazy people live around here.

And you know what? They are right.

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