Thursday, June 30, 2011

I could get used life here. I take the subway aka Metro to the university, picking up a sandwich for lunch, take notes furiously during the sessions, then on the way home, buy my dinner from the supermarket. I feel like a student all over again.

I followed British lady on my second trip on the Metro. It was quite uneventful this time round, but the dimly lit stations don't make me feel safe.

Everyone here is sniffing and coughing so it is virus heaven, help!

Fortified by a powerful cappuccino (love the coffee here), and my third egg tart, I set out for the next session. Listener's fatigue is beginning to set in, and I have to remind myself to be polite. This means not swinging my legs when I am bored, no restless tapping of the fingers, and not interrupting with questions, and not rolling my eyes at their answers to my questions.

It being a gathering of geeks, mine is the only iPad 1 here :(

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