Friday, August 05, 2011

Love bunnies

So it is true. While bonding rabbits can be tricky business, it is easiest to bring a girl bunny home to a boy. Blackie showed little territorial aggression. Hm...maybe it is because he has been fixed. Anyway, he has been delighted to share everything with his bunbride (except their pellets and treats). Here the couple share a quiet moment supervising their tired human slave clean their cage.

Whitty seems to have grown already within this week. She's glowing with the radiance of being groomed by Blackie all the time. Her face was all crumpled and dirty when she first came, but see how cute she is now:

This is a super spoiled girl. It's not my fault! She came being thoroughly pampered by the petshop owners, who fed her with the tastiest food - premium oregano flavoured pellets. And so for a little while, we had to give her that too, until BOTH bunnies got super spoiled. When offered plain old Oxbow, Whitty got so upset that she overturned her foodbowl! Blackie supported her protest by trying to throw out their litter box. RAABBIIITSSSssss! 

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