Friday, August 12, 2011

Marauding Rabbits Attack!

I feel rather apologetic towards my neighbors. They must be wondering about the random crashes, continuous ripping sounds, sudden scuffling and general disorder in our yard. And of course, they might also wonder who I'm always scolding, since they can't see anyone else. I think it is because my rabbits are Netherlands dwarfs, which are famously feisty and active. These are false dwarfs. That means all of the ND's naughty temper, but with longer legs and hence greater ability to dash around. 

See what short work these marauding rabbits made of their toys. Blackie is all brute force, rampaging everywhere. Whitty is smaller, but quicker and more strategic.



kisetsu said...

How about giving them chew toys? The tougher and harder types so they spend more time trying to breakdown those toys and hence lesser damages to other neccessities? I donno if this helps...

When I was very small, I have a pet rabbit. It seldom chew things but it definitely chew on me! =D

Kites said...

Ah, the virus I told you about: lymphocytic choriomeningitis

Run a search with pregnancy in the search string.

I think you just need to be careful and minimize contact for the period of pregnancy. If you can find a sitter, that would be the best.

snake said...

erm... not to scare you but i remembered that there was another name and it turned out to be something different: Toxoplasmosis

Yeah, this was the one I read about. To do with cats mainly.

And here's a website about a mom who suffered the consequences (because it is very serious, don't play play):