Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Presidential Elections 2011

Isn't it obvious that there is only one worthy candidate for the highest office in Singapore?

I am looking for a man who can carry himself with dignity, and not embarrass our country in front of other heads of state, a wise leader who understands what it takes to run a country and masters the complexities of our budget and use of reserves. And a man who knows when to speak and when to be silent, and who knows when to say what!

The President shouldn't be a maverick, we have opposition parties for that. I don't even think he is a champion for downtrodden causes. That's a job for our elected members of parliament and NGOs. As for the one with sweeping views on many policies in many areas, I can only gape at what an expert he is. Goodness him, elect him and we will see Singapore dismantled.

I cannot imagine what our government would look like with an elected President openly opposing and checking on our elected cabinet/prime minister all the time. It is like we have confused the American and British systems and want both at the same time! And what a farce we would look to the rest of the world!

When I hear some of these candidates, such a sense of deja vu envelops me. Hey, I seem to have heard and seen them only recently, ya, like the recent general election. What fortituous luck that a second stab at political power occurred so soon. Please, don't use the Presidential election as a back door into government. If you have lost, just try again, at the correct event, five years later.

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