Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Rabbit food

For a while, I had been puzzled, as Blackie doesn't seem to be eating much of his pellets and hay. Doesn't he get hungry? Then we discovered the truth - he has been feeding on his house.

And the walls, of course. After much effort at disciplining, he now knows that he isn't supposed to eat the walls, but whenever he thinks we are not looking, he can't resist sneaking a nibble. hmm..hmm...yummy vanilla-coloured alabaster.

I must confess to buying a rabbit when I knew nothing of their ways. And my tip for such behavior is: Don't. These rabbits have been loads of fun and affection, but also sweat. Blackie looked so sweet and gentle in the Petshop! He was still docile when he came to our home, until he realized it has become his too. Within two days, it was the reign of bunny terror, and now, with his consort.

Sleepy. Last night we were rudely awakened by a crash, as bunny tyrants tried to get out of their cage. Don't ever think that rabbits are quiet just because they don't bark. They can make plenty of noise with the tools around them, like banging their metal hay ball against their cage. The funniest thing is, now that a second bunny is here, I found out that they do make rabbit noises, like huffs, snorts, and honks. So, Blackie just never bothered talking to us that's all.

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