Wednesday, August 03, 2011

V's entry: Leftovers

One can get used to anything, even eating pets' leftovers, like:

Cheese - Masterofboots gave the Squeaks cheese to get them growing, then she read that hamsters are lactose intolerant, so no cheese allowed. I have been having the cheese in my sandwiches since.

Beansprouts - to cool the Squeaks down. But as we all know, beansprouts come in packs and those tiny critters eat only one strand per day. Guess what happened to the rest?

Toasted wheatgerm - is supposed to be exceptionally nutritious. But being toasted, it feels somewhat oily. The hamsters got raw wheatgerm instead, and Masterofboots mixes the toasted wheatgern into my milk shakes.

But as I observed, after a while, these things feel normal. In fact, I have been contemplating the rabbits' Burgess Oregano pellets lately. Wonder if they make a good low-fat, high fibre snack. I mean...there is a certain aroma about them, a tasty crunch...

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