Monday, September 05, 2011

5 ways to cook beansprouts

I have become pretty creative about the bags of bean sprouts in my fridge. You see, they are bought specially for the Squeaks, but sprouts don't last long, and how many can a Squeak eat in a day? The only decent thing to do is to consume the rest myself, at least, as much as I can, and then I realized there are so many ways to cook them.

1. Toss them into instant laksa, together with fish cake and fried bean curd. Makes a nice hot dinner for a weeknight. I use Prima laksa noodles.

2. Stir fry with tiny anchovies and fish sauce and mirin.

3. Make omlettes with bean sprouts and minced chicken. An incredibly healthy dish.

4. Soups, with meatballs and carrots. Dashes of scallop concentrate make anything taste good.

5. Boiled briefly, drain, then add soya sauce, sesame oil, wine, and use as a bed for steamed chicken.

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