Thursday, September 01, 2011

Presidential Election 2011: Postscript

On the 'almost president': 
With all due respect, there is a time to speak, and a time to be silent. Will the next 6 years turn into a protracted election campaign? How galling it must be to suffer the fate of being the ‘almost president’, yet it is so unseemly to publicly agonize over what should be and what could had been. The fact is the tribe has spoken. During the election campaigns, much was said about uniting the people. Now is the time for him to make good these words, by acknowledging the results graciously and pledging his support to the elected. We don’t want a shadow Istana, please. That would be the very last thing for social cohesion.

On the 'wannabe president':
To quote Shakespeare, has been ‘hoist with his own petard’. The vindictive criticism of his opponents, so fiercely flooding online forums, has abruptly turned against him. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea who these people are. But you see, once the culture of sliming, mudslinging and heckling has been unleashed, there is no way to control the direction of the attacks. And it has come full circle after all.

I'm very tired of politics. So relieved that we would (or at least should) have peace for the next few years. To all who didn't make it, don't continue to stir up public discontent and incite resentment with endless nitpicking and criticism ok. Things will never be perfect, but newspapers recently said that Natas Fair's trips were heavily booked! It must mean that life is pretty good, right? If the opposition folks are so clever you propose better policies la! If everyone is shouting the same time, who can listen?

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