Monday, December 05, 2011

First Driving Lesson

"Have you ever taken driving lessons?"
"Have you ever played go-cart when you were young?"
"Not that either."
"It's not a problem. Now you can put your hands on the steering wheel...oh..I can see you have really never driven before."

And thus in the pouring rain went my very first driving practical lesson. It wasn't as easy as I had thought. I didn't even know how to lower the handbrake. Driving Instructor said, "There are many security features to keep children (and complete ignoramuses like you) from fiddling around with the car and creating accidents."

Trying not to get car sick from the jerking brakes I made, I practiced going forward and reversing. Then I made enough progress to go into the circuit, with the rain daunting even experienced driver. How come I never noticed V doing all these complex movements when he is driving? I was too busy talking.

Well, and that is my first driving lesson. Don't feel like going for more :(

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