Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Goodbye Rabbit Year...and rabbits

If you were one of those who abandoned a rabbit this year...

Which part of the planet had you been living in? We all know last year was the Year of the Rabbit, and all animal welfare groups had been reminding every one - DON'T BUY A RABBIT JUST BECAUSE IT IS RABBIT YEAR! Did you not hear the message, which was repeated everywhere, even at the petshops? Did you not realise that a rabbit lives for much longer than one year? It might still be around the NEXT Rabbit Year!

So why do people still buy and then abandon rabbits? Even they didn't want the rabbits anymore, why did they just leave them lost in our concrete jungle? Would they themselves (the humans) be able to survive if they were thrown out into the streets without protection and food? No right? Then how did they expect the rabbits to cope?

We are entering the Year of the Dragon. Thank goodness people can't keep dragons as pets.


Anonymous said...

Love the scriptures you include on your blog! :) You have been added to our blogroll.

Thoughts said...

LOVE the message here... resonates with me, and makes you wonder why not everyone else???

JL Smith