Sunday, January 01, 2012

Proposal of the Year

Today's Newpaper featured a sensational marriage proposal which got everyone talking on the Internet. It was a elaborately planned event which took place in a restaurant. Of course, we all admire the guy's guts to carry out such a personal venture in front of total strangers. What kind of proposal can require more courage?

I just witnessed one, right in the family. The Fat One held a family gathering in her new home. So there we were, lounging in her living room and watching TV when suddenly the screen changed to a video chronicling Little Fish and Bf's courtship. Hey! What was happening? 

Bf then walked in with a bouquet of flowers, and (witnessed by Daddy and Mummy and Boon One and Me and the Fat One and Little Bro and all the sons-in-law) proposed to our little sister! Now, THAT IS GUTS, being prepared to answer to her whole village. I could hardly hold back my happy tears. Mum and Boon One didn't even try. There were many a red eye in the room at that moment. *sniff sniff* My baby sister is all grown up. I can hardly believe it. 

How fast the little Misses turn into ladies! 

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