Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Things fall apart

In the heat of the General Elections, it was not difficult for opposition candidates to ride on, if not provoke, public dissatisfaction and look reasonably competent. Everyone remarked that these were candidates of higher calibre, at least than the previous generations we had been used to.

Yet in the months after GE, under further scrutiny, it is easy to see just how deep the veneer of statesmanship is. One party has fallen apart. Its members not only resigned, but went on to explain at length why they were not happy with the party leadership. What a classic case of washing dirty linen in public! Would it not have been more gentlemanly to leave amicably, preserving both your own dignity and that of the party? After all, but you chose to be part of them, didn't you? What does it say about yourself?

Another opposition MP proposed in Parliament that ministers' pay be pegged to MP's pay. His reasons sounded high-minded enough,  but one cannot fail to observe that coincidentally, he is an MP, and one who is not likely to become a minister.

Seems like, over time, we could tell who would remain standing what the hurly burly is over.

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