Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Black Pepper Steak in Happy Call

V wryly observed that to cook steak well, one should probably be colour-blind :(

Cold Storage was selling such wonderfully cheap and attractive steaks, so I bought a pack home. As it was the first time I tried cooking steak, I pounded the meat with a mallet to make sure it remained tender. To my horror, in the pan, the meat kept oozing blood! It was so puzzling! I grilled and grilled the meat for a long time, knowing that it was getting tougher by the minute, but it oozed so much blood still! Finally by the time the blood stopped, the meat was sadly overcooked and chewy, despite the pounding :(

That is why V said, one should probably be colour blind to cook steak well. At least then he won't be so freaked out by the blood.

The consolation is, Happy Call pan is pretty easy to clean. I wiped it with kitchen towels and rinsed it. Nothing stuck.


Min Seah said...

never found a reason to pound steak. with a mallet. the bloody juices should be kept inside by searing the outside and letting the heat soak inside to taste. :(

masterofboots said...

That is so counter intuitive for me

snake said...

Burning question: was happy call any good? did the liquid really not spill at all?

masterofboots said...

it leaks at the back, from the air vent behind. But on the whole, is good for sealing in the juices and flavour

Kitsune said...

oh this means gib won't allow me to buy one. :(