Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easy char siew in my Happy Call pan

Ok, my next attempt with the Happy Call is significantly better. I made a healthy version of char siew - with less honey and oil. The pork collar meat was seasoned overnight with oyster sauce+sesame oil+dark soy sauce+fish soy+pepper. Then I slow roasted the meat in Happy Call, taking about 20 minutes. It oozed a pretty amount of juice again (think this is a characteristic of Happy Call), but this time round, I thickened the meat juices with flour and turned it into a dip for the dish.

The HC pan's pressure cooking makes the meat lovely and tender. After that, I brushed on just a smudge of honey and put it on high heat grill for 1-2 mins to get the charred, smokey effect. Easy huh!

Yes your eyes didn't lie, this char siew is brown, not red. Why bother to artificially colour the meat? 

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